T&G Repairs is your one-stop destination for Macbook repairs in Birmingham! 

We know how much hassle dealing with a damaged Macbook can be, so we will have your Macbook repaired and back to you in the shortest possible time frame. All of our Macbook repairs are handled by our experienced technical team, and will be repaired for you at the lowest possible cost. Most Macbook repairs are completed within a few hours.

Macbook Repair Birmingham

Macbook Screen Repair

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 Accidental screen damage? If your screen is cracked or smashed then our screen replacement service will fix the issue. 

MacBook Repair - MacBook Air Repair - MacBook Pro Repair - iMac Repair - iMac Pro Repair

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Macbook Battery Replacement

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 Are you having issues with the battery on your Macbook? Is it constantly draining and not lasting the full day or as long as it used to?

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Macbook Keyboard Replacement

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Has your Macbook keyboard stopped working or damaged? We can replace the keyboard for you.

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Macbook Touchpad Replacement

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 Has your touchpad on your Macbook stopped working? Our technician specialists will be able to repair this for you.

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Macbook Diagnostic Service

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Hardware & Software issues If your Macbook not turning ON or the software keeps crashing, we can help! Our Macbook specialist can help you from quick repairs to complex board faults, Has your Macbook failed to re-boot or startup properly? afraid of losing  the data? we can help you by backing up or recovering your Data. 

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General/Liquid diagnostics

Macbook Repairs [...]


  Screen Replacement - Charger Port Repair - Keyboard Replacement - Battery Replacement - Mainboard Repair - OS Reinstall - Trackpad Replacement - Won't Turn On - Liquid Damage Diagnostic - Data Recovery - Other Issue 

Mac Repairs Birmingham

Mac Repair

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whatever the issue, mac screen repair, not booting, not responding or not charging. Onsite repairs,  We offer high quality, reliable troubleshooting and repair services for both laptop and desktop computers at chip level.

iMac Repair

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 Whether i'ts a software or hardware. from hard drives to power faults. Call us


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Having issues with the apps , programs? macOS High Sierra, Mojave

Macbook repair

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Macbook repairs can range from anything from not starting up, to even complete system failure with no power to the mac.