REPAIRS & services Birmingham

All of our phone repairs are performed to the highest possible standard, and most can be completed in just a couple of hours.

All of our repairs are performed in our repair centre by our experienced technicians and almost all come with a full 3 month warranty. Most repairs can be completed within 60 minutes, meaning your device will be back up and running in no time!

Birmingham Repair Centre

Mobile Phone Repair Birmingham

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We provide mobile repair services, smart phone repair services in Birmingham, West Midlands. We repair all types of phone, 

Samsung, Apple iPhone, Huawei, Nokia, Sony Xperia, LG, HTC, Motorola, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Google Pixel, Honor, Oppo, OnePlus, BlackBerry, Alcatel, ZTE, Microsoft, Vodafone etc. Whether it's a broken screen, speaker issue, microphone not working,  connectivity issue, power button issue, wi-fi issue, completely responsiveness mobile, water damaged etc. we can Fix any phone. mobile phone repair shop computer repair Selly Oak Phone Repair Birmingham

Tablet Repair Birmingham

Samsung Tablet Repair
Tablet repair
Tablet screen repair
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Our smartphone and tablet repair service brings your gadgets back to their best. We can repair screen, replace a faulty battery, charging or power issue. We can even assist with moving your personal data to a new device. Lenovo Tablet Repair, Samsung Tablet Repair, Sony Tablet Repair, Huawei Tablet Repair 

iPad Repair Birmingham

iPad Repair & Services Birmingham
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We perform repairs of any complexity for all iPad Models in Birmingham: screen damage, battery or power issues, software or hardware issue. All models. 

Computer Repair Birmingham

Computer Repair & Services Birmingham

Hardware Repair or Software upgrades. Virus removal. 

Laptop Repair Birmingham

Laptop repair and services Birmingham

Having problem with your laptop? need a laptop repair in Birmingham? Broken screen? not powering or loading properly? whether it's hardware, software or body repair. we do it all and seen it before. 

Data Recovery Birmingham

data recovery services Birmingham

data recovery services can assist you in recovering lost, deleted, corrupt or damaged files from majority of devices. please speak to one of our technicians.


Data Backup & Data Transfer


backing up your data or moving data from one device to another. 

Programs & Apps

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Do you need a program or an app? are you looking for solution? do you want us to custom or develop a program to suit your need? or are you looking for specific program.   

Unlocking Service Birmingham

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We do more than just repairs. Call us for more info. mobile phone repair laptop computer repair

Playstation Repair Birmingham


Having issues with your PS4? Check out our PlayStation 4 repair Birmingham services.

T&G Repairs / Store / Repair Services / Gaming Console Repairs / PlayStation 4 Repair

Xbox Repair


iPod Repair


The only choice for Premium Smart Device Repair

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